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Basic: 20% Monthly: 10% Code971TM – 'Life with Benefits' is an instant reward and loyalty programme, for UAE residents, providing Cash-benefits across a large network of multiple brands and Partners throughout the UAE. All Code971 Benefits are stated in Cash values. This makes it easy to work out the value of rewards you get from a purchase – and even better, how much you can spend again for more shopping, dining or entertainment.

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This website and services provided in relation to membership and cards is the sole property and operated at the sole discretion of Vice Versa International. Valid Terms are stated herein on VVI is entitled to change these Terms anytime at its own discretion, including prices and charges. Changes will be updated and included in these Terms and is immediately effective. For major price / Service changes, the User will be notified by email to the email address registered in the member profile. VVI may amend Benefit rates and add/remove Partners from the programme Services at any time. By using the website, cards, membership, Promo-codes and benefits (hereafter Services) you agree to the terms and conditions (hereafter ‘Terms’) provided by Vice Versa International (hereafter VVI) including all its products and services, caring its brands or product names, codes or similar marks / numbers operated or used by VVI equipment or facilities. The end user (hereafter User) of this website and related services is for private use only. Services provided is personal to members (Users granted a Membership) and may not be transferred, sold or exchanged to any person or entity. User acknowledges that s/he does not hold any ownership or rights by the use, collection received or purchases of the Services. The User must provide personal details upon registration of membership or activation of cards. The information is protected by VVI and will not be forwarded to any third party unless bond by law to do so. VVI will use the data (such as personal details provided, data history etc) at its own discretion for the purpose of operating and providing the Services as intended. The User agrees to comply with the Terms. It is the User’s responsibility to provide correct data to safely receive and use benefits and deals. It is the User’s responsibility to protect confidential information such as Passwords, PIN, Promo-code (reference number), login and person data captured during the use of the Services. Any such data should never be shared with anyone. The user confirms to be minimum 18 years to use the Services, or at least 13 years if used in conjunction with a guardian. VVI can not be held responsible for any incorrect data, lost data, lost benefit or transaction transmitting via the internet or VVI equipment. VVI can not be held responsible for any loss, loss of funds, payment made by User or any purchases made in relation with the Services. User uses the Services at own risk. Neither VVI or any of its Partners, Associates, Affiliates, or any of their employees, Directors, Agents, Merchants or service provider can be held responsible for the use of the Services and consequences of using the Services. The use and acceptance of Benefits in conjunction with any other publicly announced promotions or reductions offered is at the Partner’s discretion. For returned items, the Partner is entitled to ‘reverse’ a Cash-reward or deduct the value of the Benefit provided with the purchase. (All refunds are subject to individual Partners’ policies). The User of this website understands and accepts that content may be incorrect and may change. VVI will use its best endeavor to provide correct information but VVI can not be held responsible for any content or facility promoted on this website. VVI is the distributor of Benefits and can not be held responsible for any failure to honor, accept or provide Benefits or lacking satisfactory service by the Partner. VVI will monitor the Partners and Benefits and act and provide support to VVI’s best abilities. It is free to register as a Code971 member online or to register and receive a corporate Code971 card (co-branded) by a Partner or Enterprise. The member can enjoy the Code971 membership services the rest of the current year. The User accepts that his/her Code971 membership will be subject to a yearly membership fee of AED 92 for Black Classic membership due on 31st December for membership continuation into the next year. The membership may be renewed by the User before 31st December by payment online or by use of Card-rewards available on the members account (if sufficient). Memberships that are not renewed prior to the 31st December will be renewed automatically by deduction of Card-rewards equivalent to the membership fee of AED 92 or what is otherwise announced on this website. Some Code971 cards will not be subject to the yearly membership fee based on terms and conditions. Cash-rewards are valid for 365 days from day of credit upon which date they expire. VVI takes no responsibility for lost cards, Promo-codes or Benefits. If a card is lost, damaged or stolen, the member must inform VVI who will block the card and issue a new card within 5 working days. A service fee of Card-Cash equivalent to AED 50 will be deducted from the member account (if available). By VVI announced competitions will be valid as per general Terms herein. Competition draws / results will be made on the date announced or within 7 days of the competition end date. Only valid members will be entitled to a winner prize. The winner will be contacted directly on the contact number registered in the member profile. Prizes can not be exchanged for cash. Prizes must be redeemed within the period specified on the certificate and will otherwise expire. The User is requested to report to VVI if an error or service failure occurs during the use of the Services, by using the contact email: listed on this website or by calling VVI office on 04-365 4999. VVI will do its best to act promptly in the effort to make the use of Services a great experience.

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