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30% discount on all Amara spa massages services *Emirates

30% discount on all Amara spa massages services. The discount is not applicable on retail items. Simply fly to Dubai with Emirates between 1 June and 31 August 2017, and show your boarding pass at one of the partner establishments to enjoy great discounts.

Terms & conditions
The “My Emirates Pass” Programme (the “Programme”) means the added-value offer provided by Emirates, a corporation established by Dubai Ruler’s Decree No. 2 of 1985 (as amended) having its principal office at Emirates Group Headquarters, Airport Road, P. O. Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and hosted via the website found at (“Website”). These terms and conditions together with the general terms and conditions that are applicable to your use of and access to the Website (together the "Terms") govern your use of the Website and set out the rules of participation in the Programme. By participating in the Programme, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept these Terms and you agree to be bound by the Terms. Emirates reserves the right to amend, vary, update or terminate the Programme and/or the Terms at any time in whole or in part in our sole discretion. “Partner” means a retailer or service provider which is participating in the Programme from 1 June to 31 August 2017. The Programme is offered to international passengers (the “Passenger”) holding an original boarding pass or e-boarding pass to Dubai issued by Emirates and dated between 1 June and 31 August 2017. • Passengers must present an original boarding pass or e-boarding pass along with passport, driving ID or citizen ID for identification purposes upon request at the premises of the listed Partners in order to avail the discount, service or benefit. The discount, service or benefit may be subject to terms and conditions as set by the Partner. These will be detailed on the Website. • In the event of loss or theft of a Passenger’s paper boarding card, the Passenger must present the e-boarding pass along with passport, driving ID or citizen ID for identification purposes upon request at the premises of the list Partners in order to avail the discount, service or benefit. • The terms and conditions concerning the discount, service or benefit may vary between the Partners. • Any Passenger who fails to abide by any of the Terms or fails to meet the participation or eligibility criteria set out in these Terms, may be deemed ineligible to avail the discounts, service or benefit offered at the discretion of Emirates and/or the Partner. • The Programme is for Passenger personal use ONLY and is not transferable and void if purchased, sold or bartered. • The offers included in the Programme are not redeemable for cash. • The Programme is valid for three months only from 1 June to 31 August 2017. • Each Passenger shall be personally responsible for payment of ancillary services including but not limited to: 1. All accounts in respect of facilities and services provided to him/her by the Partner such as meals, beverages, telephone charges or any other incidental charges; and/or 2. Any compensation payable to the Partner for damage caused by the Passenger (or Passenger’s family or guests) to the Partner's property or equipment. • Inclusion by Emirates of a Partner in the Programme does not constitute or imply any endorsement of such Partner's products or services. Emirates accepts no responsibility or liability for the quality of services or goods provided by Partners in association with the Programme nor will Emirates compensate any Passenger for services or goods not received. Any participation by a Passenger in any activity offered by a Partner is entirely at the Passenger’s own risk. • By presenting the Emirates original boarding pass or e-boarding pass at a Partner's premises, the Passengers are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times. • It is the Passenger’s responsibility to ensure that any ID provided for themselves is a true representation of them. The Partner has the right to reject a Passenger without further verification documents. • Passengers accept the Terms at their own risk and agree to indemnify Emirates against all costs, losses, damages, expenses and liabilities (including for loss of reputation and goodwill and professional advisors’ fees) and any claim arising from a Passenger’s own actions in any way in connection with these Terms or a breach of the Passengers’ obligations hereunder. • Emirates accepts no liability for any loss, damage, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by the Passenger or any other person whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination of or change to the Programme or any of the facilities, benefits or arrangements which are made available to a Passenger, including Partner withdrawal or the withdrawal of any benefits, facilities or arrangements. • Participation in the Programme does not confer on the Passengers any rights in or over any intellectual property arising in connection with the Programme. Any Terms which are held to be invalid in any jurisdiction shall whenever allowed by the context be deemed to be replaced by such valid and enforceable terms and conditions whose contents are as close as permissible to those of the invalid or unenforceable Terms. • Emirates will not be liable to perform any of its obligations under these Terms where it is unable to do so as a result of circumstances beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to weather conditions, fire, flood, hurricane, strike, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, political unrest, riots or any other circumstances amount to force majeure. Emirates accept no liability (and excludes all liability) for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenues or anticipated savings or for special, direct, indirect or consequential loss of any nature howsoever arising. • These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Dubai, and as applicable the UAE, and the Dubai courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute arising. • This Programme is exclusive and not valid in conjunction with any other discount offers, promotions, dining or loyalty programs.


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