Global Loyalty Deals is an easy to use app that allows you to make the most out of your loyalty cards by showing you which is the best card to use for a specific transaction.

When purchasing, how can I see the best offers available for that transaction?

On the Menu, you can see the "Offers Section" where you can view all available offers from your loyalty cards. In order for you to see the best deals for a particular transaction, there is a Search button on the Offers tab where you can search for the stores and establishments of your choice. From there, you can view all available offers from that establishment so you can choose the best deal to use.

I came across a very good deal on my app and plan to use it later, how can I save this coupon?

You can save all your favorite coupons to use later simply by choosing the save option on the specific coupon. All your saved coupons are in the "Favorites" tab that you can see on the Menu, so the next time you make a transaction, you know where to find the best deals that you have saved.

I am a very busy person, I'm afraid I might miss on the best deals from my loyalty cards.

If you are too busy to browse the app for new deals, worry no more because Global Loyalty Deals will notify you about great offers from your loyalty card operators.

I want to keep track on my savings to know if this App really helps me save a lot.

Every coupon usually contains a percentage of the amount you can save, in order for you to know the exact amount, Global Loyalty Deals App has a Savings Calculator tab that you can see on the menu where you can calculate how much you can actually save on every purchase. You will also be provided with a summary of your savings, either daily, weekly or monthly.